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The Story of Canvasaurus Instruction

Welcome to the Canvasaurus Instruction Website! Our journey began in response to the pandemic's impact on K-12 education. As passionate educators ourselves, we witnessed the sudden shift to digital spaces, leaving teachers scrambling for resources that often fell short. Frustrated by this experience, we embarked on a mission to create our own tailored Canvas LMS online course curriculum, addressing the unique challenges faced by educators in the digital age.

Driven by our commitment to facilitating effective teaching and learning, we have developed a comprehensive suite of online curriculum learning experiences. Our resources are designed to empower teachers with the tools they need for successful digital instruction. With our expertise and firsthand understanding of the challenges teachers face, we aim to support educators in navigating the digital landscape with confidence and ease.

DOWNLOAD our curated digital course packages.

IMPORT them seamlessly into Canvas LMS.

DONE! Utilize our completed online curriculum with ease.

At the Canvasaurus Instruction Website, we stand alongside teachers as they embrace the transformative era of education. Our mission is to ensure that no teacher is left behind, offering a sanctuary of support and resources. Join us on this exciting journey of digital instruction and unlock your full potential as an educator with our exceptional online learning experiences.

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Lauren Burlison Janoska

Meet Lauren, an accomplished Educator and Instructional Designer with over  six years of expertise in online course design, specializing in Canvas Learning Management Systems. Holding a Master of Science in Learning Experience Design & Education Technology and a Teaching License in General Science, Lauren combines academic knowledge with practical teaching skills. As a recognized Social Media Influencer and Content Creator, their "Canvas Queen" YouTube channel has reached over 100,000 educators, making them a go-to resource for Canvas LMS guidance. Lauren has been a Consultant and Digital Ambassador for the Nevada Department of Education, designing K-12 curriculum and leading as a Professional Learning Specialist. With a passion for empowering students and educators through technology, she continues to leave a lasting impact on the world of education.

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Janel Lazootin

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